Product Extortion Insurance

Product extortionists compel victim companies to comply with a financial demand or other imposition, through usually threatening or actually contaminating products. Unlike product contamination without warnings aimed to do maximum financial and reputation damage to the victim company, product extortionists do not seek publicity and do not care about doing damage of any kind or any degree – they just want their ransom, done in a way as low profile as possible.

While this would seem less difficult to deal with and full containment is possible, unlike all-out product contamination, product extortion is still a crime that is very easily to commit and go awry and as such, a threat to be taken with utmost seriousness; this is where product extortion insurance comes in.

The key in a sound product extortion insurance solution is rapid response. The faster the threat can be dealt with, the higher the chances of getting the threat contained without further financial and reputation damage. Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, sets out to provide you with a product extortion insurance solution to do just that.

Our decades of knowledge and experience will help to devise a product extortion insurance solution that would not only cover financial losses resulted from the crisis, but also comes with effective crisis management to respond to such threats quickly, prevent and limit further damages, and assist in devising prevention measures. This would allow for all-around protection from product extortion, which would quickly prove vital should the crisis hits.