Product Contamination Insurance

One of the most sacred duties of a product provider is to ensure that the products are safe for use or consumption. As such, product contamination, resulting either from accidental production errors or malicious tampering, can cause considerable damage to a manufacturer or supplier in more ways than one, and business can easily take months to fully recover.

Loss of gross profits, rehabilitation and recall costs, compensation claims, business interruption, damaged brand reputation, just to name a few, are among the long term damage resulting from a product contamination case. A product contamination insurance plan with poor crisis management and inadequate coverage can possibly put a business out of business.

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, fully understands the severity and the extent of damages resulting from product contamination. Having years of experience and expertise in insurance consultation and provision enable us to provide expert advice on details such as direct costs of recalls in destruction, disposal, repair and replacement and redistribution, post-recall additional cost, crisis management in the face of threatened or actual malicious attacks, future crisis management planning for loss prevention measures and so on, to ensure that your product contamination insurance solution is capable of giving you adequate coverage and protection against heavy losses.

Whatever your product may be, automotive, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals or foods and beverages, we will be able to devise a product contamination insurance solution to suit the specific needs pertaining to your industry, business and brand.