Hole In One Insurance

When it comes to insurance, most people would link them with unfortunate incidents: break-ins, car accidents, falling off of high places, severe illness, botched events, stolen cargo, and the list goes on. This makes a hole in one insurance, the first and best known type of prize indemnity insurance, quite a peculiarity, as anyone with any degree of golfing knowledge knows that scoring a hole in one is so rare that it can be a once-in-a-life-time happening, a stroke of luck that deserves to be celebrated.

Unfortunately, those with knowledge of golfing traditions also know that scoring a hole in one requires the golfer who scored to buy drinks for their playing group, if not everyone present, which can be really costly. This is even more of a concern for golf tournament hosts or sponsors, where they are very much obligated to present extravagant and expensive prizes to the lucky ace(s), for example, a brand new car or a large sum of cash.

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, can assist you to tailoring a hole in one insurance solution to suit your golfing needs. Be it a plan to cover celebration expenses as the lucky ace, or a host or sponsor giving out lavish gifts to the lucky ace, we are ready to offer you with the best insurance solution possible, allowing you to bask in the limelight of being a lucky ace or awarding a lucky ace, without the fortunate financial burden on your shoulders.