Cyber Edge Insurance

We live in a digital age where, if we were to live in a city, we can hardly go by a day without IT products and the internet. However, the convenience offered by these technological wonders also comes with certain risks, in the form of sensitive data breaches, data thefts, computer hackings, computer virus attacks, employee errors or sabotages, cyber extortions and more. In a corporate setting, being exposed to these IT threats by cyber criminals can be very costly.

With that said, Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, as well as a reliable insurance claim consultant, offers Cyber Edge, a comprehensive cyber insurance solution powered by AIG. This comprehensive end-to-end risk management solution is designed to enable businesses to stay ahead and develop a valuable layer of first line defence against cyber attacks and threats.

Key advantages of having Cyber Edge insurance include added cyber security expertise and response guidance allowing for prompt response to data breaches, 24/7 access to the Cyber Edge Breach Resolution Team consists of related experts and specialists, as well as ample resources for managing and mitigating damages resulting from a data breach. The Cyber Edge insurance solution’s coverage options can also be tailored to fit specific needs of clients, allowing for even tighter protection and prevent future damages.

For more details regarding Cyber Edge, feel free to talk to our insurance claim consultants. We are ready to offer you the best protection you can armoured your company IT systems against cyber threats and attacks with.