Contingency Insurance

Sometimes, life can deal you really heavy blows where you least expect it. This can be anything between serious car accidents, workplace accidents, event cancellations, hijackings and even kidnappings, and the coverage of your primary insurance plan just proves inadequate in getting all losses and damages settled. This is where contingency insurance kicks in, taking care what is left up to its coverage limits.

Confusion between primary and contingency insurance plans happen often, and it is not unusual that when an insured is covered by two plans under a variety of circumstances, both insurance companies would argue and claim to be providing the contingency plan, as that would mean less expenses to cover. This could be further worsened due to the sheer number of types of insurance solutions out there.

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, helps alleviate these problems by making clear of the risks, clauses, conditions of insurance solutions provided to you, ensuring that you make the best of your very much needed contingency insurance solutions. Doing so smoothens any claim processes and make sure that your bills would not take longer than necessary to get paid by insurance companies, thus making any insurance solutions you have with you work for you, instead of against you.

If you have any inquiries regarding your existing primary and contingency insurance solutions, or that you need a contingency insurance plan, feel free to give us a visit and see for yourself how we can help you out.