Bowling Perfect Game Insurance

A perfect game in ten-pin bowling, also known as a 300 game, comes by only after scoring 12 strikes in a row. While still hard to come by, unlike a hole in one, a perfect game leans considerably more heavily on skill rather than luck. It serves as a solid testament to a bowler’s prowess and deserves to be exclusively rewarded in events and tournaments.

However, due to scoring a perfect game being more a matter of skill rather than luck, chances of a skilled bowler hitting 300 is considerably higher, compared to the likes of hole in one. Though rare, it is not unknown for a skilled bowler to hit consecutive perfect games. While a bowler scoring a perfect game gets to bask in the limelight and applauses that comes with being an extremely skilled athlete, event or tournament hosts would be ending up in quite a bind, especially when there are multiple 300s in an event.

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd, one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, takes this financial worry and burden off of your shoulders as an event or tournament host or sponsor, by helping you to devise a prize indemnity insurance solution for bowling perfect games. Increased exposure, widespread name recognition, and increased revenues are just some of the benefits you get to enjoy with a bowling perfect game insurance solution in place, without the risk of shouldering the burden of expensive prizes, thus making everyone, you as a host or sponsor and the bowlers, a winner.