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Who Are We?

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd is one of the top Property and Casualty Insurance Agency in the market; we provide a variety of professional insurance solutions and insurance claim consultancy services “Almost with No Comparison”. Whatever your insurance solution or consultancy needs, be it the more familiar auto insurance, fire insurance and health insurance, to the more unusual hole-in-one insurance, consequential loss insurance, and insurance of precious possessions, we are ready to hear you out and provide you with nothing short of the best you can find. Furthermore, we are ready to tailor special type of insurance plans and services, to accommodate your special needs.

You And Us Are Special

insurance claim consultantDo you know that you are special unique in your own way?

That’s because God created you and then threw the pattern away. He made each one of us unique because He likes variety; So when you look in the mirror, be glad you are you and not us.

That’s what makes life so good, so interesting and fun.

We each have our own distinct personality when all is said and done.

We must accept you, our customer, point of view.

And in we turn be an insurance professional to you.

Malaysian Insurance Institute Award

Alpha Management Services Sdn Bhd was the first Property and Casualty Insurance Agency to win the Professional Excellence Award for General Insurance Agent in 2000.

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