Experience And Knowledge In Insurance

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Experience comprises knowledge and skill of something gained through involvement or exposure in that subject matter. And 42 years of knowhow, experience and procured knowledge plus a professional qualifi cation is a dinosaur in the local insurance industry today.

The Chief Executive Offi cer, Gerard Soong, is this insurance philosopher. He is the CEO of this Company which he founded 33 years ago. The Company Alpha Management Services Berhad is currently the Largest Property And Leading Insurance Agency in Malaysia.

Gerard Soong is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner. His curriculum vitae includes

Part time lecturing in Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) 6 years
Insurance columnist in Business Times 8 years
Insurance columnist in Sunday Times 2 years
Organising Chairperson for MII Annual Lecture 8 years
Organising Chairperson for General Insurance Agents Convention 5 years
Board of Directors of Malaysian Insurance Institute 8 years

We provide professional advice on how Property and Casualty Insurance works. Do tap our experience and knowledge.